fluiddraw p5 crack Silversea Cruises’ Silver Wind cruise ship recently failed a sanitation inspection by United States Public Health (USPH) inspectors, in March.

galvanized pipe clothes rack On March 18, 2018, the USPH inspected the Silver Wind in San Juan and found numerous unsanitary violations. Repeated problems were noted in the ship’s potable water treatment. Inspectors located over two dozen flies in the galley, food preparation and dish washing areas. (This seems to be some type of record; it certainly is the most flies I have ever seen recorded in a cruise ship sanitation inspection report).

keygen enhancemyse7en Inspectors located food items and food service equipment hidden in crew member lockers inside a changing room near an engine and air conditioning unit.

xforce keygen zbrush 4r5 You can locate the report, read about other unsanitary conditions and the corrective action report by searching for Silver Wind adobe ae cs3 crack.

miwy 5 crack Five years ago, in 2013, Silversea Cruises was caught ordering its crew members to hide perishable food in crew quarters aboard the Silver Shadow. CNN aired a special program about the “hide and seek” games which crew members were ordered to play on the Silver Shadow cruise ship, where the ship routinely hid trolleys of food items in crew members cabins to avoid detection by USPH sanitation inspectors.

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net protector 2014 crack version Silversea engaged in an intentional, calculated scheme to hide food and galley equipment in the crew cabins. Crew members on the cruise ship alerted our firm that they (galley workers) were being ordered by their supervisors to take trolleys of perishable foods (eggs, fish & cheese) to the crew quarters and hide the food from inspectors during bi-annual CDC inspections. We advised the “whistle-blower” crew members to notify the CDC. As a result of a surprise inspection, the CDC discovered that the cruise line hid “over 15 full trolleys” of food and food equipment, pans, dishware and utensils in “over 10 individual cabins” in order to avoid scrutiny of vessel sanitation inspectors. It flunked the Silversea ship with a score of 82.

crock pot ribs rub recipe You can see photos of the cruise line’s practices on our windows 7 activation kms crack.

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apeosware flow services crack But Silversea didn’t learn its lesson.  In 2015, two years after the disastrous Silver Shadow inspection, the Silver Shadow failed again, with a score of only 82.

lfs keygen exe indir Its current score of 79 is even lower than its failed scores back in 2013 and 2015.  It is only one point higher than the recent failed score of the infamous Kydon ferry, operated by Ferries Del Caribe, which received scores of 78 (May 2018) following even more pitiful scores of 61 (December 2017) and 58 (July 2017). The Silver Wind and the Kydon are the only two cruise ships to have received failing USPH scores so far in 2018.

cell phone crack repair It should be embarrassing for a high-brow Silversea cruise ship like the Silver Wind to fall into the ranks of an old tub of a ferry like the Kydon.

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avast crack full español underbead cracking download kaspersky internet security 2011 crack keygen May 15, 2018 Updatefile crack autocad 2007 tren win 7 :  Silversea issued the following statement today regarding the inspection:

nfs most wanted crack speed exe photoshop cs6 dmg crack Silver Wind’ March 18 Inspection Report

cubase le 4 crack download civilization 5 steam keygen download On March 18, 2018 Silversea’s ‘Silver Wind’ received an atypical score of 79 during an inspection by the US Dept of Health CDC in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This score compared with the score of 93 out of 100 achieved some 2 months earlier on January 6, 2018, caused the Company to initiate an immediate investigation into the result.

tai game pokemon crack sms Following the investigation, it was established that a small number of staff had not followed the robust standards expected of Silversea employees. The Company, therefore, undertook a vigorous training and re-training programme related to the relevant issues on-board its cruise vessels which are at the heart of its service to all passengers.

amco 8 piece cracker set All Silversea ships have comprehensive and rigorous training programs in place to make certain its staff and crew implement best onboard practices. The company has taken measures ensuring that future inspections on this vessel result in higher scores in line with the usual Silversea standards and achieved on all its vessels. The most recent CDC scores on Silversea vessels were Silver Spirit 99, Silver Muse 97, Silver Shadow 95, Silver Explorer 90. Silver Wind has consistently achieved very good scores in all previous inspections.

reason 4 dvd crack Photo credit: eGuide Travel – Flickr: Silver Wind, CC BY 2.0, commons / wikimedia.

  • how to crack drm protected files Suzanne

    deore xt double crankset I was so sorry to read this, and shocked quite frankly. Not having anything to do with SS today, I was completely unaware this happened. It makes me sad. There is nothing worse than lessons not learned. How this could happen again is beyond me.

  • aml easy audio recorder crack Ce Ro

    datanamic dezign crack I’m still wondering how.. a self professed luxury liner like Silver Sea cruises, can get away with such mediocrity in their quality of service.

  • pha crack win 7 Sars

    descargar crack para sas secure tomorrow Silversea just don’t seem to learn their lesson. I left the Shadow just before their infamous inspection in Juneau when they failed for hiding equipment/food in crew cabins. This was not a one off and would find on a daily basis a galley trolley hidden near my cabin with utensils, cooking knives and food on there.